Kerr never doubted Durant´s Warriors move would be a success

13 junio 2017 10:39

Steve Kerr always knew Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors would be a success.

Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for Golden State in free agency last July and ended his first season in the Bay Area an NBA champion following the Warriors' 4-1 Finals win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, following the 2014 MVP's switch there were suggestions his addition could create conflict with the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson due to increased competition for shots.

That was never a concern for Kerr, though.

"I'm not sure there was really that much of a story about our guys not being able to co-exist, there was just a lot of space to fill [in the media]," he said after Monday's championship-clinching 129-120 victory over the Cavs.

"I mean, come on, you've got a bunch of guys who are talented and can shoot and pass and dribble and they're unselfish; there was never any question in my mind that this was going to work.

"This is the culmination of a year where they grew together and learned each other's games and got better and better all year and it was just phenomenal to be a part of."

Durant and the Warriors drew criticism following their union, with suggestions the balance of power in the NBA had been too drastically tipped towards them.

The former Thunder forward responded by letting his performances do the talking. He put up over 30 points in each of the five Finals matches and was justly named series MVP.

Kerr said of Durant: "I'm just so happy for Kevin. Kevin has a very unique story. I'm just happy for him.

"He's had an amazing career but he just took it to the next level. He was incredible all season long, he had an amazing series, he just dominated.

"Everybody for the last 10 years knew how good he was but until you break through and win that first championship there's always still something there and I'm just so happy Kevin has broken through and there's more to come from him."

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